Is your content consistent or fragmented?

For content to have the greatest impact on your customers it must convey your brand and its corporate messages consistently and reliably. More often than not, one of the biggest problems that companies have is that the sales and marketing functions of the business operate independently of one another.

The result is fragmentation. Sales reps require various different assets to deliver to the needs of individual customers with unique requirements and companies rarely have the right resources at the right time to cater to these.

For example, a customer in a niche sector will need examples of how your product or service has impacted others in that sector for them to recognise the synergy between their company and yours.

Without the relevant collateral, sales reps often fall short of the mark. If they haven’t got the back-up and support they need in the form of marketing resources, they can’t showcase the potential of the products and services for such niche requirements. In situations like this, they are often forced to put examples together from wherever they can to demonstrate the company’s capabilities to the potential customer. Resources and assets become fragmented and the messages, diluted and confused.

We work with companies to fix inconsistencies and fragmentation that negatively impact your sales team and ultimately, the bottom line.

One of the biggest hurdles companies encounter is the slow response from the marketing team in providing the relevant assets to enable the sales force and they resort to improvisation. The majority of sales are lost because the front line isn’t equipped with the necessary content resources to back up the pitch.

Sales and marketing teams that work holistically, perform better, the revenue speaks for itself.

We work with clients to eliminate fragmentation by collectively building resources and implementing processes and standards that streamline the sales and marketing efforts.

Companies need to adapt, to become agile, flexible and responsive to the requirements of their customers. Putting processes in place, the critical development of content enables them to consistently meet the customer’s requirements at whichever stage of the sales process they are at. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ as far as your customers are concerned, each has a different set of wants and needs. Personalising your marketing assets will go a long way to help your sales team to meet the diverse requirements of each of your buyer personas.

Improve the consistency of your content to increase your sales. Contact us at if your content has become fragmented and we’ll show you how we can help streamline your processes.